JeM Point of Sale and Tide partnership offers one stop solution for retailers

JeM Point of Sale and Tide partnership offers one stop solution for retailers

JeM Point of Sale (JeM POS) takes another leap ahead of its competitors! We are proud to announce our partnership with Tide, one of the fastest growing online banks in the UK. This partnership testifies, yet again, to our commitment to our customers, to you. 

How you benefit from this arrangement?

  • We help you open business account with tide in few minutes.
  • Instant reward worth £10 on using the code JEMPOS.
  • Transfer of funds for 1 year absolutely free!

Leave the hassle behind, give Time to your Business

Unlike ordinary bank account-opening process where you have to physically visit a bank, submit hard copies of all sorts of documents, etc. and then wait for the card to arrive, here, you just have to spend few minutes online. Your account opens within few minutes and your card reaches you within few days. All this without you leaving your chair for a second!

Why JeM Point of Sale have partnered with Tide?

Because maximum time for business is what we seek for you, this is one of the many ways that we have employed to do just that. We have signed this partnership to let you spend your time on your business growth. Why? Because business growth is directly linked to the amount of time you spend on it. When you grow, we get a sense of fulfilment. 

The Businessman’s Plate

What are a business person’s everyday to-do things? These are; to ensure smooth transactions, safekeeping and transfers of cash, to calculate taxes correctly, to chalk out and execute business growth plans, to review the outcome of the executed plans, take stock, appraise, modify and re-execute the business plans, to manage personnel, to oversee business operations, to monitor and ‘observe’ sales, to keep a tab on customers e.g., what they want/need, what they get, what gives them satisfaction, what rubs them the wrong way, what makes them become loyal or one-time visitors, what time(s) of the day do they frequent, what days do they frequent, etc. That’s a lot of stuff for any business person, new or well-established. So how to do that without risk of failure? Simple. Buy JeM Point of Sale.

JeM Point of Sale: The One-stop Solution

We have taken practical steps to make sure that all of your business worries are taken care of. Don’t believe it? Read on!

Broadly, any business has three main functions: money handling, operations & management, and sales & marketing. This new milestone takes care of all of them for you. Here’s how.

  • Money Matters

    The only reason we at JeM POS have partnered with Tide is to make sure that your money stays safely, and with you, ‘all accounted’. This means that not only are your business transactions safe and secure, they are all saved under the specific ‘categories’ for which they had been realised in the first place. In other words, we have ‘turned to Tide’ for turning your ordinary account into your ‘mini accountant’. 

  • Operations & Management

    Our Artificial Intelligence enabled smart Electronic Point of Sale (EPOS) runs, oversees, monitors, evaluates, analyses and thinks for all departments of your business; be that related to cash, employees, operations, inventory, etc. All you need to do is switch to JeM Point of Sale system and let it do everything while you invest your time where you should i.e., growth.

  • Sales & Marketing

    Our sophisticated, AI-powered, iPad EPOS system helps you develop customised and targeted sales and marketing strategies by producing analytical reports on the following (in addition to many): 

    • Items (hot, not-so-hot, stagnant and unsold)
    • Customers by frequency of 
      • Visit (loyal, occasional, random, one-time)
      • Visit days (which days)
      • Visit times (what times of the day)
    • Buying preferences (their ‘usual purchase list’)
    • Buying behavior (how much do they ‘usually’ spend)

Having data on the above helps you devise sales plans and marketing strategies. How? Based on our system’s comprehensive analytical reports, you can ‘target’ each set of customers with ‘tailored’ promotion offers, special deals, packages, reward points, etc. 

Given such immensely beneficial features, who would not want a JeM Point of Sale? Combine this with a Tide online bank account and virtually all your business needs stand fulfilled. So what are you waiting for? Pick up the phone and say hello to your harbinger of profit and growth.

If you run hospitality or retail business and want to stay ahead of your competition, please contact us at or 0175 338 6565.

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