JeM Point of Sale, the Environment Conscious Company

JeM Point of Sale, the Environment Conscious Company

As a responsible corporate member of the British society who understand the dangers staring our environment in the eye, the JeM Point of Sale have partnered with the Green Earth Appeal, 'a Not-For-Profit Social Enterprise' backed by the United Nations Environment Program, to plant as many trees as possible and on a continuous basis. The idea is to contribute towards the following:

  • Restoration of our environmental balance
  • Sustenance for the world's poorest

JeM Point of Sale's 'environmental activism': Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Coming as it does in line with our professed commitment to environment, this partnership is underwritten by JeM Point of Sale's previous contributions to environmental safety and rehabilitation.

Our contribution in the realm of tree plantation is of a continuous nature. This means that a new tree is being planted even as you read these lines. Thanks to our persistent efforts, a great many trees have already been planted. Our aim is to spread awareness about environment by setting a practical example rather than indulging in mere talk. Together with Green Earth Appeal and our business partners (you), we aim to work towards achieving sustainable environment for our coming generations by reducing the 'carbon foot-print'.

How to achieve environmental sustainability?

Sustainability is the state whereby an entity or a group of mutually dependent entities live self-sufficiently in a closed circle without any external interference. For our environment to become sustainable thus would be to have its 'food chain' restored.

Sadly, due to reckless human activity, the environment has seen degradation of unprecedented levels over the decades. For a variety of purposes such as agriculture, fuel, housing, etc. humans have cut trees like crazy. This deforestation has led to disturbance of food chain, poverty, and contributed significantly to global warming.

What is 'carbon foot-print'?

Every veg food that you serve in your restaurant comes from some plant or tree. Simply put, this means that your customer's memorable 'food experience' comes at the cost of a tree or plant. But that's not it. It costs even more. You unwittingly contribute to global warming, pollution, permanent destruction of bird habitats and permanent destruction of food source of animals, birds, and a variety of other living species many of whom are endangered now. This is what we call your 'carbon foot-print'. Carbon foot-print is the negative impact of your meals on the environment. It can only be reduced by promoting 'carbon-free dining'.

What is 'carbon-free dining'?

This is an initiative aimed at offsetting the negative impact on environment caused by your meals without costing you anything. What's more, it also helps efforts to eradicate poverty. Being who we are, we (JeM Point of Sale) have joined hands with Green Earth Appeal to make our due contribution to these efforts.

How carbon-free dining works for restaurateurs?

Against each bill that you process at your restaurant using our iPad POS system, the Green Earth Appeal or its partners plant a tree. Yes, it's really that simple. Diners who choose your restaurant can help the environment by paying a nominal fee (say, 99p) for 'carbon-free dining'. Against each such contribution, the Green Earth Appeal would get a fruit-bearing tree planted. This way you will have 'offset' the 'environmental cost' of your meal.

How carbon-free dining leads to poverty alleviation?

Each contribution translates into one fruit-bearing tree being planted in the poorest of regions of the world which have been affected by massive deforestation. This comes at the heels of rigorous schooling of the locals on environmental awareness followed by handing over of possession of the planted trees. The locals then sell the fruits of these trees to provide for their families. In this way, environment takes a step back towards its restoration while a poor family takes a step forward; a permanent source of income enabling itself to pull out of poverty gradually.

We are doing our bit. It's about time you joined in too. Band with JeM Point of Sale and Green Earth Appeal for your contribution to environmental restoration.

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