JeM POS Partners with Star Micronics

JeM POS Partners with Star Micronics

We are excited to announce our partnership with Star Micronics, one of the world’s largest PoS printing solution manufacturers. By partnering with Star Micronics we have incorporated our JeM Point of Sale with one of the most advanced printing technologies.


What is mPOP

mPOP is designed to work with all major operating systems including Apple iOS, Android and Windows to provide their users with an innovative solution that is ready to work with a chosen device, software and card payment system. Bluetooth connection enables the system to require only one main cable for full operation while the mPOP LED display will quickly highlight the pairing status as well as any issues such as paper out etc. On the other hand, USB ports allow auto charging for any additional devices such as tablet, phone, scanner etc that are attached to the mPOP.


Simple and stylish,the lightweight and portable solution is just 10cm high and 30cm wide with a sleek design that will complement any counter top. Alternatively, mPOP with front feed receipting can easily be secured under the counter for enhanced space-saving. With intuitive top loading as well as a partial cut guillotine, the reliable 100mm/second printer automatically cuts the 58mm wide receipt.


Background of JeM

BOS (based in Burnham) developed JeM,a cutting-edge low cost iPad based point of sale solution called JeM. It is an accessible and easily set-up mobile and fully customizable point of sale for restaurants and takeaways,fully customizable. It will work on an iPad providing great features such as order management, reservations and table management, credit Card payment processing and discount vouchers alongside a powerful reporting suite. We are confident that JeM will not only automate restaurant & takeaway processes but also maximize efficiency and business growth.


Background of Star Micronics

Founded in 1947, Star Micronics is one of the world’s largest printer manufacturers and has facilities for worldwide production, marketing and support. Achieving turnover in excess of £250 million, Star Micronics has developed a PoS printer portfolio that spans thermal and dot matrix printers and mechanisms, designed for barcode, ticketing, receipts and labelling. Star’s proven technology is also being utilized to develop reader/writer systems for visual/smart and magnetic stripe cards and to install print mechanisms in multimedia kiosk environments. The Star Micronics’ range is available internationally via a distribution channel comprising distributors and dealers.


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